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Why Public Notices

A Newspaper Partnership

Thousands of public notices and legal ads are published each day in newspapers across the state. The state's daily and weekly newspapers have always been committed to providing important community information to help keep citizens informed. Now they have joined together to create this single, convenient website, allowing you to search through a database of statewide public notices and legal ads at no cost. You can also sign up for e-mail service to have notices of interest to you delivered directly to your computer.

Join the Partnership

The Florida Press Service has taken the lead in providing a simple, easy method to allow all Florida's newspapers to present their public notices and legal ads to citizens throughout the state. Currently over 100,000 public notices and legal ads are posted monthly on FloridaPublicNotices.com.

There is no risk or cost involved for newspapers to join in this effort and contribute to the success of this unique statewide public information website.

If you are not already participating, we would urge you to join today. For more information, contact Kendra Schubert at kschubert@flpress.com.

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